shoulder pain & rotator cuff injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries

Physiotherapy is a highly viable, evidence-based treatment for acute and chronic conditions. At OnePointHealth our Physiotherapists are responsible to triage, assess, diagnose, educate and offer self-management or offer more extensive physiotherapy treatment programs when indicated.

The most recent evidence-based management has been proposed by  Dubois and Esculier (2019) –  two new acronyms to optimise soft tissue recovery: PEACE and LOVE.

Immediately after injury, let PEACE guide your treatment.

P – Protect the Injured Site

  • Unload/minimise load
  • Minimise rest
  • Let pain guide gradual reloading

E – Elevate

A – Avoid Ant-Inflammatory modalities – medication and ice

C – Compress

E – Educate – come and see us

After the first 2-3 days you need to LOVE the injured site.

L – Load the injured part  – commence normal activities without increasing pain

O – Optimism – remaining optimistic has a positive effect on full return and treatment outcomes

V – Vascularisation –  musculoskeletal injuries need early cardiovascular activity within pain limits. As well as physical benefits, there are many well-being benefits of exercising. Benefits of early mobilisation and aerobic exercise in people with musculoskeletal disorders include:

  • improvement in function
  • improvement in work status
  • reduces the need for pain medication

E – Exercise specific to the injured part and to the individuals end goals of rehabilitation

At OnePointHealth we offer acute management services such as casting for upper or lower limb fractures & Game Read – An ice compression machine for pain and swelling management