Runners Toe with OnePointHealth

Runners Toe AKA ‘The Black Plague’ for Runners For most people, training for a major event is often accompanied by a variety of injuries. Commonly these injuries are minor. However, they can be detrimental to your preparation, forcing you to reduce training frequency and/or intensity. For me one of these injuries was a bruised toenail, AKA […]

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5 things you didn’t know about back pain

1. Back pain is common and normal Eighty-five percent of people will experience an episode of back pain at some point in their lifetime. Importantly, how we feel can influence the amount of pain we feel, stress, low mood, catastrophisation and worry influence back pain. 2. Scans are rarely needed Both practitioners and members of the public […]

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6 Ways to Stay Injury Free This Spring

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, meaning motivation and activity levels are peaking! Here are 6 ways to stay injury free training this spring getting ready for that summer body. 1. Strength training Strength training helps to increase tissue tolerance and endurance through loading. In recent studies strength exercises have shown a tendency toward reducing injury rates. […]

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