Over Indulging at Easter

The Easter long weekend typically sees an increase in consumption of sugary foods, the biggest culprit chocolate eggs, and a decrease in exercise. While it is ok to enjoy easter eggs and hot cross buns, over consumption of such foods can lead to unhealthy weight gain and can put you at risk of developing chronic […]

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Diabetes Beat It Program

Last week we saw how diabetes can develop and what the benefits are of exercise in management of blood sugar levels. For a refresh, diabetes can develop when the body resists the effects of insulin or cannot make enough insulin the maintain blood glucose levels in its target range, resulting in elevated levels. Exercise can […]

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Fungal Infections

As a Podiatrist, our jobs can tend to be very seasonal in terms of what comes through the clinic. In winter we see a lot of ingrown toenails and corns, and through summer we see a lot of cracked heels and fungal infections.Over the next few months as the weather starts to warm up again […]

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