Treating patient with Cervicogenic headaches

Headaches are a common condition and can have a negative impact on our quality of life and our ability to function in everyday activities. In fact, 47 per cent of the world population are affected by headaches, with a lifetime prevalence estimated to be more than 90 per cent.

There are many types of headaches that patients can suffer from. Cervicogenic headaches are a type of headache that is triggered by the cervical spine/neck. This can include tension through the muscles or stiffness in the joints.

Here at OnePointHealth our Physiotherapy team understand how significantly headaches can impact a person’s life, which is why we are dedicated to helping reduce the severity & frequency of these types of headaches and address potential contributing factors.

Studies have shown that a combination of manual therapy and motor control and is effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of Cerviocgenic headaches. This and education surrounding management strategies are some examples of interventions our Physiotherapy team implement.

At OnePointHealth our practitioners are experienced at assessing whether neck involvement is causing your headaches or if it is an adjunct to your headache. We have the skills to manually treat your neck and provide you with some relief from your headaches and neck pain, as well as improve strength and endurance of both cervical and scapulothoracic regions to assist in long term management.

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