Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Have you been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but don’t know what it means, how you got it or how to treat it?

I have seen many patients who previously visited various practitioners complaining of bloating, flatulence, sensitive tummy, mood spikes and bowel fluctuations etc.  Unfortunately for the majority of sufferers, the outcome was responded with an ambiguous “You have IBS”, and sadly treatment was left unresolved and living with these symptoms ultimately becomes a part of one’s life.

What does IBS mean?

There isn’t enough accessible information out there regarding the cause and treatment of IBS. In most cases, IBS is an umbrella term that is given, when trying to blanket certain digestive symptoms rather than addressing the culprit and because of this, symptoms continue to exacerbate.

The general consensus amongst suffers from IBS will express a gradual decline in vitality neither able to pinpoint the origins of when their energy, mood, motivation started to dip and/or when digestive symptoms started to get worse. (It is a very gradual process).

IBS can cause stomach pain.


The cause of IBS.

The cause of IBS occurs because the inner workings of the digestive tract have at one point been compromised. Whether someone picked up an infection or had a strong course of antibiotics or was under significant stress and/or overly exposed to a diet high in processed foods, the outcome would be same. The overexposure to any one of these triggers can cause a temporary separation of the gap junction within the intestinal tract likely increasing intestinal permeability.

Consequently, microscopic food particles may leak out and enter the bloodstream generating an immune complex. Subsequently, future consumption of any of the exposed foods creates a reaction within the body, emitting symptoms such as diarrhoea, random stomach pains, constipation, bloating, migraines, and weight fluctuations. There will also be a change in the gut flora (microbiome) further causing bloating, constipation, flatulence, mood fluctuations and sugar cravings.

Treatment of IBS is available at OnePointHealth. See Candace for specific digestive support to successfully mitigate the unwanted symptoms and ultimately eliminate IBS.

IBS can cause the digestive tract to be compromised.
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