Isolation Nutrition Tips

With many more people working from the comfort of their own homes, this may lead to excess snacking and indulging on processed and sugar filled foods, we wouldn’t normally have access to. Our daily routines and work schedules may of changed, but this doesn’t mean our diet and nutrition routines need to change as well. It’s important that during this time we are keeping up with our nutrition as this effects our immunity, and we want to have a strong immunity with winter around the corner.

Below you will find some helpful tips to keep you on the right nutrition track and keep you in check during this time:

Tips for nutrition when working from home:

  • Keep a similar eating routine to when you working at the workplace. Make sure you eat your meals at the similar or same times. This will help you from having extra snacks through the day.
  • Avoid working on the kitchen table or bench; Work away from this area if you can and set up your desk elsewhere.
  • Don’t work whilst you’re eating; Keep this 2 activities separate so your body can register that you’re full.
  • Choose to eat real and whole foods as opposed to processed foods, as this will keep more satisfied, energized and productive.
  • Stay hydrated. Keep your water close by you, so you’re not constantly getting up and having to walk past the kitchen.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated as this will reduce feeling of hunger.
  • Choose liquids that are low in sugar as these impact your energy and productivity.

Once you have established a good nutrition routine when working from home, it will get easier to maintain and keep on top of. Establish these habits early so they become second nature and you can continue to have great nutrition and be productive when working from home.

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