What Mums with Young Ones Need to Know

Personally, I find that one of the hardest things about being a mum is not being in the ‘know’. Especially, with young children. Are they hungry? Are they crying because they need something? Where do I take the, ‘how to read minds’ course!? And while this is at best frustrating, we tend to get somewhat better at reading our children over time (well we like to think). 
But then there are times that are far too concerning to ignore and seemingly impossible to understand. Have you ever noticed your child becoming distant, less hungry, less playful and more irritable? If yes, I suggest paying attention as these are tell-tale signs that something isn’t right. In fact, these symptoms are often associated with low iron levels.

Iron levels.

Low iron levels can occur as young as 6 months and can lead to other symptoms such as pica, fatigue, skin itching and also the need for excessive sleep. Unfortunately, we tend to associate low iron with adult-hood and so the idea that our young children could potentially be low in iron is not something we generally consider.

What do do?

If you suspect that your child fits the profile, I would recommend further investigation. Consult your doctor regarding a possible blood test and seek expert advice from someone who knows how to correct and manage low iron levels in young children.

Moreover, I suggest creating a ‘poo’ dairy. While our children are young, communication is fairly limited. We need to get creative! Volumes are spoken by assessing bowel movement. As solid foods become introduced, bowels should become considerably more formed. Whereas, if you find that your child experiences constipation or on the contrary, their poo is runny and watery, indicates that something in the diet is most likely not agreeing with them. So, take action and suss it out!

Being a parent is challenging for many reasons but not knowing how to help can be quite disheartening. If you suspect any of this and would like some guidance on how to improve these symptoms for your child, book in today.

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