Tired of Endometriosis? Want to Live Comfortably and Pain-Free?

If what you are doing hasn’t worked – it is time to consider a new approach.

There are a number of helpful forums, blogs and talks, illuminating the agony of living with this condition. And while I can certainly attest, it is fantastic having the reality of this condition surfacing, it doesn’t answer the out-of-reach question. How do I treat it?

Endometriosis is a silent condition with not enough information or treatment options available. Can you support it naturally? Is medication the only option? Will the pain ever get easier? Will the periods ever get lighter?

This condition is a result of excess estrogen and its proliferation of uterine tissue in a pathological manner. A delicate and positive way to supporting and managing Endometriosis includes delving into a multidisciplinary approach.

First approach

The first approach is to target Inflammation. Inflammation in the tissue encourages estrogen-producing enzymes, which upregulates the activity of localized estrogen. This then causes heavy periods, pain and abnormal uterine tissue growth. Targeting the inflammation has encouraging results in helping mitigate these symptoms.

Second approach

The second approach is enabling optimal detoxification and metabolism of estrogen. Poor detoxification can trigger nausea, low mood and fatigue. Supporting liver activity will assist in balancing out these symptoms and will help to improve metabolism of estrogen.

Third approach

The third approach is supporting digestion. Providing the body with essential nutrients and minerals, that will help to reduce the overgrowth of endometrial cells outside of the uterus.

And finally, collectively, incorporating some specific dietary inclusions to balance the hormones; progesterone and estrogen, replenish any mineral deficiencies as well as ensuring blood sugar levels and the thyroid is composed.

Personally, being diagnosed with endometriosis, I have found this multidisciplinary approach very effective! Living with this condition does not mean having to dread that ‘time of the month’ or popping Panadol to relieve symptoms.

Take the successful steps to help improve living with Endometriosis and say good-bye to heavy and painful periods. For more help on how, come and see me at OnePointHealth.

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