lower back pain

Lower back pain is very common and it is estimated that 80% of people will experience it at some point during their life. It can be mild and purely frustrating, or it can be severe and debilitating, with the pain negatively impacting on quality of life and the ability to function normally. At OnePointHealth, our Physiotherapists will perform an extensive assessment and provide an individualised management program. We find that most people who experience lower back pain do not require imaging or scans. Imaging is only helpful when your healthcare professional suspects something serious or sinister is actually causing your pain. Unnecessary imaging can lead to the normal variations in your anatomy being blamed for the back pain and will make no difference in your treatment.

The most important thing for individuals with lower back pain is to stay as active as possible and to resume their normal activities in a staged approach. Exercise and movement are the best medicine for lower back pain. It is important not to be inactive and rest in bed, as this has been shown to slow down the recovery period and can lead to more pain. At OnePointHealth, we educate our patients about their pain and condition, as well as provide self-management strategies. Manual therapy techniques including massage, mobilisation, and manipulation may also be utilised to assist in reducing painful symptoms and to increase the ability to complete the specific exercises prescribed by our Physiotherapists.

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