Penrith Panthers and OnePointHealth continue partnership in 2021

OnePointHealth Physiotherapists and Podiatrists will be servicing the Penrith Panthers once again in 2021. 

2020 was the first year of this partnership which, despite COVID-19 and all its interruptions, saw the Penrith Panthers have one of their most successful years ever, including a record winning streak of 17 games and a Grand Final appearance. 

OnePointHealth has assisted across all levels at the Penrith Panthers through Physiotherapy and Podiatry services and will continue this in 2021. Many Penrith Panther players of all grades are wearing our Custom Orthotics via Alliance Orthotics including James Fisher-Harris, Stephen Crichton, Viliame Kikau, Moses Leota, Brent Naden, Billy Burns and more.