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Preferred Healthcare Partners of the Penrith Panthers

Viliame Kikau
OnePointHealth and Panthers
Penrith Team
  • Physiotherapists for Penrith Panthers Harold Matthews and SG Ball teams.
  • Podiatrists for the Penrith Panthers NRL team.
  • Consultant Physiotherapists for the Penrith Panthers NRL squad.
  • Custom Orthotics Provider for all Penrith Panthers teams.

Penrith Panthers and OnePointHealth share the same key values:


Penrith Panthers and OnePointHealth share common strategies and objectives in the community. We engage in programs that deliver positive education, health and social outcomes for people and communities in Western Sydney and beyond.

OnePointHealth prioritises community initiatives when it comes to marketing and involvement. Our team has supported Panthers on the Prowl through mentoring and funding applications assistance, various local sporting organisations, charities and community groups as well as serving on many Boards of influence.

Premium service and facilities

Like Panthers, OnePointHealth has built its strategy around providing a premium healthcare facility so excellence in patient outcomes and education can be achieved, both through experience and progressive practices.


We know the Penrith Panthers inspire the whole community. We are fans, invested in the team and know the importance of its success and are grateful to have the privilege of working with the entire organisation to help achieve its goals and objectives. Healthcare is such a big part of professional sport and our community and we know that we can contribute favourably to these.

Health Services Available at OnePointHealth Penrith