4 ways to stop “working from home pains”

In light of the restrictions of COVID-19 many Australians have started working from home. In the clinic, we are seeing a wave of individuals with aches and pains due to working from home. Here are 4 ways to prevent pain when working from home.

  1. Schedule regular movement. Healthcare has moved away from emphasising a neutral spine and shifted towards facilitating regular movement. Every 60 minutes try to get up and perform 2-3 minutes of exercise.
  2. Change your working position. Like regular movement, preventing prolonged static positioning is essential to preventing pain. Every 30 minutes, change the position that you are working in. changing your seat setting, standing and kneeling are all examples of preventing prolonged static positioning. Remember your next posture is the best posture.
  3. Home ergonomic set up. Ergonomics is how well your workspace caters for your body. When transitioning to working from home, it is important to make small adjustments to ensure that this new place which you will be spending long hours in accommodates your body. You can find many good resources online.
  4. Daily exercise. At the beginning of each day it is important to spend 30-60 minutes exercising. This is different from regular movement as it is designed to work the body more intensely. This both immediately limbers up the body and prevents physical deconditioning.