5 Quick Tips to Get Fit for Summer

1. Start sensibly.

If you haven’t done any physical activity in 6 months your exercise capacity is going to have decreased. A good way to start getting back into it without over-doing it is to start at 50% of what you were doing previously then progressing from there. If you have never exercised before it is a good idea to have a rest day in between each day of physical activity so the body has time to recover; this also prevents overuse injuries. Remember to listen to your body!

2. Gradually increase your workouts.

Only change one variable of your workouts at once. Whether it is the frequency, distance, speed, hills, intervals or time it is always better to only change one variable at a time. This avoids overtraining and overuse injuries. When you start to exercise more frequently or have more intense workouts make sure you always allow appropriate recovery and rest.

3. Cool Down after exercise.

Always cool down to ensure recovery. A gentle walk, dynamic stretches or a massage will all help you to recover properly. Also remember to eat good nutritious food and stay hydrated!

4. Exercise with someone or set goals.

Exercising with a buddy is a nice way to make exercising fun and stay accountable! Setting regular goals also keeps you on track; make sure the goals are always realistic. It is nice to set goals that aren’t aesthetic in nature and make sure they are measurable.

5. Lacking motivation?!?! Try something new.

There are so many different types of exercise so make getting fit interesting. Try walking, swimming, yoga, cycling, antigravity yoga (Google this if you don’t know what I’m talking about!) Pilates, extend barre, Zumba, spin classes, pump classes, X-fit rock climbing, pole dancing…the list is endless. Give different things a go and see what you fall in love with.

If an injury does strike be sure to give us a call at OPH so you don’t have an excuse to stop exercising!