Physiotherapy for gyneacological surgery

Many women undertake gynaecological repair surgery such as hysterectomy and pelvic organ prolapse repair.Women are often anxious and fearful of impending surgery. Too many women are unaware of the precise surgical procedure they are embarking on and don’t fully understand how they can maximise their recovery and success of the procedure.Preparing for surgery is key to a better recovery.Empowering women with strategies to help them recover not only reduces anxiety and fear but also helps them feel in control of the rehabilitation phases allowing women to safely and successfully return to a healthy active lifestyle.Some Key points on helping prepare for surgery include:• Discuss with your specialist the exact procedure you will be having so you are fully informed and understand the surgery. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or do your own research.• Develop healthy habits to ensure you are at peak health for the anaesthetic and surgery.• Get organised for when you get home from hospital such as a stocked pantry, meals in the freezer, home help, childcare and a driver for appointments.• Organise the physical setting to allow you to comfortably recover which could include being in a room close to the bathroom, choosing a suitable chair to be able to sit and stand from, use a long handled “grapper” to assist you with picking things up.• Have strategies in place to assist you manage your pain such as suitable medications, a comfortable resting place and pacing yourself.• Know how to move around safely to protect and avoid strain on your surgical site such as how to stand up from sitting, bend, roll, cough, lifting/carrying.• Understand how to avoid constipation and how to correctly empty and manage bowel symptoms after surgery.• Know how to correctly activate your pelvic floor and core muscles.• Know what type of movement and exercise is appropriate for what stage of your recovery.A pre and post surgery visit to Physiotherapy will empower you with all the information and exercise required for optimal recovery. A referral is not required with health fund rebates oryou may also be eligible for a medicare rebate plan through your GP.