Post natal recovery

Most people think physiotherapy for their torn hamstring or after orthopaedic surgery not for pregnancy or following childbirth.During the childbearing year a woman’s body undergoes many physical and emotional changes.A pregnant woman’s muscles and joints are stretched and softened creating alignment changes to accommodate the growing baby. There is often weight gain, reduced fitness and aches and pains. Further strain and soft tissue trauma occurs with childbirth requiring stitching of cut or torn tissues, there can be muscle weakness, bladder and bowel changes as well as ongoing joint pain.Most of these changes will somewhat resolve in time after birthing but some linger and can create ongoing problems, some not appearing until many years down the track. Such souvenirs of motherhood can manifest as bladder and bowel dysfunction, abdominal separation, low back /pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction.Like with any other soft tissue changes or injury the correct rehabilitation will optimise your function. It will also will reduce the likelihood developing issues such as incontinence or prolapse.Regaining normal function and getting back in shape is not always as easy as it sounds. It can be difficult to even know what to do or if anything is wrong and sometimes you don’t have any symptoms.Some of the symptoms which provide clues to underlying issues include abdominal separation, incontinence, joint pain, pelvic pain or sexual dysfunction. These may be common but are not normal and in most cases, can be treated and eliminated with Physiotherapy.A physiotherapist with specialised training in Women’s health can assess and provide appropriate exercise and movement strategies to optimise function. Knowing how to correctly rehabilitate with safe exercise is essential in preventing and treating any unwanted symptoms.Doing the wrong exercises or returning to high impact exercise with weakened soft tissues can create problems.Attending a pregnancy or postnatal exercise class with a Women’s health Physiotherapist provides a great platform to safely exercise. An individualised program is ideal to ensure the exercise program is tailored to your specific needs. One Point health is now providing this service with assessments and small group exercise classes.