Pre-Season Training

As that time of year fast approaches where training re-commences for physical winter sports, all those niggling injuries from last season and over indulgence over the holidays can cause problems. A good, solid and progressive pre-season training regime is vital to maximise performance and minimise injuries. Here are three key benefits of completing a structured pre-season training program

1. Improve your fitness.

According to the Australian Sports Commission enjoying a pre-season training regime will help you maintain or improve your fitness levels so that you can perform at your best when you need to. It is likely that in the off- season your match fitness and conditioning has been allowed to slide as there have been no matches to keep you on your toes.  

2. Reduce your risk of injury.

Spending some time in the lead up to the season preparing for the rigours of the sport can help to prevent injuries when the game starts. This is because you will be fit and ready for the physical demands expected of you. A balanced training program will improve your strength so your muscles and joints can handle sudden or large forces. It will also enhance your endurance so you can play for longer, your speed so you can move quickly and your flexibility so you have a greater range of motion and will be less likely to injure yourself. As physios we find that niggling injuries that plagued athletes last season can re-occur as training increases. A common misconception is that rest over the off-season is enough to address these injuries when in fact this is not the case. The mechanical insufficiencies and imbalances that contributed to the original injury will still be present and unless addressed will hamper performance and cause the injury to linger through the season. Seeing a physio before the season starts to address any issues will help promote healing and start the season off on the right foot.  

3. Improve your skill development

A consistent and graduated pre-season program ensures that you will be at your best when the season is off and running. It can help you build up and work on your technique and you can use it to work on any elements of the game you want to improve.   In general, a good preseason program aids performance and helps injury prevention. If you need help with injury prevention or treatment come in and see us and we will be able to help.