The Top 4 Excuses not to Exercise – Are You Using Them?

For professionals like Mortgage Brokers, who often spend long hours at their desks, finding time and motivation to exercise can be even more challenging. Every day I hear people come in with at least 2 or 3 excuses as to why exercise just doesn’t fit into their lifestyle. So what are these reasons and how do we use simple strategies to overcome them?

1. My favourite is “I don’t have time”

There are 24 hours in a day and therefore dedicating 30 minutes to exercise is 2% of your entire day. Everyone can find 2% of their day to exercise! The best way to overcome this is to plan; put it in your calendar to wake up 30 minutes earlier, do some exercise whilst watching your favourite television show at night, or pack your joggers and go during your lunch break.

Nobody has time, you have to make time.

2. I work long hours

If your work schedule is getting in the way of your ability to exercise then it might be time to start packing your joggers and going for a lunchtime walk. Ok, this isn’t realistic for everyone so scheduling some weekend time to exercise is better than nothing at all.

3. I have kids to manage when I get home

Take them with you! Kids love running around in the park or riding on their bikes. Pack them in the car and head to your local park. Whilst the kids are using the equipment set yourself up a circuit or go for a walk around whilst they ride their bikes next to you. Even better; when the kids are at Soccer training take your joggers and do some laps.  Making exercise a priority with your kids is a great way to motivate your children to lead a healthy lifestyle as well.

4. I don’t like exercise

Exercise is a broad term to cover a huge variety of movements and activities; exercise doesn’t have to be running a marathon or joining a gym. Find something you enjoy doing such as dancing, yoga or walking the dog. Even better find a friend to do it with to keep it fun!