What You Don’t Know About Headaches

Evidence shows that headaches reduce an individuals work capacity, social interaction and quality of life. However, many headache sufferers do not seek, nor receive the treatment they need as they are unaware of the help available.

What causes headaches?

Headaches can present in various ways and behave differently for many reasons. Not all headaches are from the same cause, making it important for headaches sufferers to recognise their symptoms and the potential source of their pain so they can seek appropriate treatment.

One of the most common headache types we tend to see are those that are caused from pain, stiffness and dysfunction in the neck that refer pain into the head. These type of headaches are called Cervicogenic headaches.

Neck pain
Neck pain can be a causative factor of headaches.

Cervicogenic headaches

A good way to describe these types of headaches is to use an analogy of the neck acting like a train station. Inflammation comes from the body and travels up to the neck causing tension in the area. The inflammation then disperses out leaving the neck and travelling to different places including the head. Unfortunately, people will not often make the connection between their headaches and their neck, resulting in long term pain.

Headache treatment

The good news is that Physiotherapy intervention can successfully reduce and treat these types of headaches! Using sustained unilateral glides in the cervicle spine, joint and muscle tension releases and can relieve pain. This coupled with posture correction, amending workplace setups, correcting driving techniques, changing sleeping postures and modifying daily activities or postures ensures the patient has long term benefits and reduction in headaches.


Seek treatment now!

Postural Improvements
Postural improvements can help reduce the risk of headaches.
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