Footcare Tips to Keep Your Feet Looking Great!


Taking care of one’s feet is essential during the peak months of summer. Warm weather is directly responsible for making your feet rough and dry. There are a number of ways you can maintain the look of your feet and keep them looking fresh. By following simple sets of do’s and don’ts, it is possible to resist elemental damage during the summer. A few simple tips are:

Invest in exfoliation

Exfoliation should be done on a regular basis; at least once every 4-6 weeks, to give them an all-around smooth look. The process involves removing dry skin cells from the surface of the foot where callus builds up. Here at OnePointHealth, this can be done during a General Treatment appointment. Alternatively, or between podiatry visits, this can be done at home using a pumice stone. Pumice is ideal for scrubbing your feet in the shower. Most people who have tried this method have been satisfied with the results. Pumice stones can work wonders for your calluses, but be gentle on softer areas.

Keep your feet dry

There is a misconception that soaking dry feet in hot water will hydrate the skin and give them a soft appearance. The hotter the water, the more likely that your skin will dehydrate and they will actually appear drier. If you do like to soak your feet to clean them it is a good idea that the water is lukewarm, and there is an oil or moisturising agent to keep the skin moist.

Frequent moisturising

Most of us do not have the luxury of putting up our feet. Lots of walking around will have a negative impact on our skin, especially on the heel region. Since the skin of heels is thicker, you should apply moisturiser at least once a day. We recommend any foot moisturiser that has 10% – 20% Urea in it. Urea is a compound that is found in every human cell. It has extraordinary anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties in it which promote fast healing of cracked and dry skin.

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