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Articles by Amy Meekings

Summer Foot Care

This Summer season has been one of our driest periods and it has influenced a lot of events around us, our feet included. Not only do the summer thongs and open shoes cause a loss of skin moisture, recent weather of low humidity exacerbates dryness. Caring for our feet is important as any foot related […]

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New Year Footwear Resolutions

When we think of the beginning of a new year, we often think about New Year’s Resolutions and the changes that we wish to make for the year ahead. One of the most common resolutions made is to live an active lifestyle and engage in physical activity. With that in mind, it is important that […]

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When a Freckle is Not a Freckle

During summer we expose our feet to a range of different conditions. Typically, due to the heat, we tend to find ourselves wearing thongs or semi opened shoes for ventilation. Consequently, we then expose our feet to the sun and its damaging rays. It is quite common for a freckle to appear on the foot, […]

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Heel Pain

There is a common misconception that heel spurs are the cause of pain, but in fact, many people live day to day with spurs and have no symptoms relating to them. Generally, both the pain and the growth of the spur are related to irritation of the plantar fascia. For most patients, plantar fasciopathy is […]

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Netball Shoes vs Traditional Runners

NETBALL Vs. TRADITIONAL RUNNERS Netball is a high impact sport that often requires short sharp bursts of agile movements. Whilst running shoes are soft and cushioned, they lack the ability to control side to side movement and pose a risk of lower limb injuries as they best work for forwards-backwards motion. The thick rubber sole […]

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