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Articles by Amy Meekings

Fungal Infections

As a Podiatrist, our jobs can tend to be very seasonal in terms of what comes through the clinic. In winter we see a lot of ingrown toenails and corns, […]

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Summer Foot Care

This Summer season has been one of our driest periods and it has influenced a lot of events around us, our feet included. Not only do the summer thongs and […]

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Lets Talk Bunions

What are Bunions? A common misconception most people have is that a ‘Bunion’ is a growth on the big toe, but in reality, a bunion is just one sign of […]

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Severs Disease

Does your child complain of heel pain? Are they withdrawing from activity? Coming into the middle of the sporting season practitioners often see children presenting with “heel pain” and most […]

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