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Articles by Benjamin Bishop

When is the right time to get new footwear?

Often Podiatrists will see patients coming through with the idea that they are sporting the best available footwear on the market, and often they are not far off the mark. A lot of these so called “good” footwear options may be 2 to 3 years old, worn out and to be honest may be causing […]

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Heel Pain

There is a common misconception that heel spurs are the cause of pain, but in fact, many people live day to day with spurs and have no symptoms relating to them. Generally, both the pain and the growth of the spur are related to irritation of the plantar fascia. For most patients, plantar fasciopathy is […]

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Plantar plate (ball of foot) pain

WHAT TO LOOK FOR? Injury to the plantar plate usually presents with symptoms such as, forefoot pain, swelling, heat, redness, a sensation of “walking on a marble” or “walking on the bones of the ball of your foot.” An obvious plantar plate injury can be seen when one of the smaller toes appears to be […]

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Achilles Tendinopathy

For many of us injuries tend to come on after being overworked throughout the Winter Sports season, with our bodies taking the toll for this increased exercise load and both new and niggling injuries coming into play. The next thing you know you are struggling to walk come Monday morning. Often practitioners will have patients […]

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Plantar Fasciitis – The Cause of Heel Pain in Adults

Background  The plantar fascia is a broad band of connective tissue located along the bottom surface of the foot that runs from the heel bone (calcaneus) to the forefoot (metatarsals). Plantar fasciitis is a common clinical condition caused by overuse or acute injury direct to the plantar fascia. Inflammation, thickening, and a decreased blood supply […]

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