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Articles by Clare Weymer

Putting your best foot forward

When we stop to take into consideration just how much they do for us, whether it is running around after kids, walking with our four legged furry friends or kicking goals in sports or the workplace, our feet are the foundations to keeping us moving. Here are some simple ways to help make your feet feel their very best.

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Chilblains are damage to the skin caused by changes in temperatures typically affecting the hands and feet. The small blood vessels that supply the skin dilate and contract in response to changing temperature, fast changes can cause the leaking of fluid and chemicals under the skin causing swelling and injury to the skin. Chilblains are […]

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3 Reasons Your Child is Intoeing

Intoeing is when the feet turn inwards during gait and is commonly known as being pigeon-toed. This is often seen among children and in most cases will resolve without treatment as the child grows. This is why it’s less commonly seen in adults. Intoeing may initially cause a child to trip but should reduce over […]

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