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Articles by Emma Nassif

Are sweeteners better for you than sugar?

Sweeteners have become increasingly popular as sugars are becoming commonly known as being unhealthy, yet people still desire that sweet taste. The attractive aspect of sweeteners include being low in energy or calories, with some having no energy, helping people lose weight whilst still eating and drinking versions of what they like, such as sugar […]

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Fats and their function

The functions of fats within our bodies are so versatile. It is important that we know these functions so that we can fully appreciate fats and make sure we don’t skimp out on consuming them. Fats include triglycerides, cholesterol, and essential fatty acids. Triglycerides are found in foods such as vegetable oils and animal fats […]

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Antioxidants – what even are they?

You may have heard about certain foods being advertised as “full of antioxidants”, but what even are antioxidants? Are they worth the hype and should we care about them? Firstly, you need to know what free radicals are to know about the function of antioxidants. Free radicals are small molecules that contain an unpaired electron […]

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Protein isn’t just for athletes and gym junkies

It can sometimes be thought that athletes and gym junkies are the only ones who need to make sure they are having enough protein, but that is a misconception. Protein is an important macromolecule that is made of ‘building blocks’ called amino acids and these are needed for everyone as they are used in bodily […]

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