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Articles by Joanne Wholohan

C-Section Scars

C section scars – more than a sun roof. A C section scar often extends much deeper than what you see on the skins surface. C- section scars go through many layers of abdominal tissue including nerves and blood vessels and can affect the function of the bladder, core muscle strength, pelvic floor muscle function […]

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Return to running post pregnancy

1. Consider what exercise you did before and during pregnancy It will be easier for someone to return to running if they always ran prior to pregnancy and did some running during their pregnancy, compared to someone has never run before. 2. Do your pelvic floor exercises The pelvic floor consists of muscles and ligaments […]

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Post natal recovery

Most people think physiotherapy for their torn hamstring or after orthopaedic surgery not for pregnancy or following childbirth. During the childbearing year a woman’s body undergoes many physical and emotional changes. A pregnant woman’s muscles and joints are stretched and softened creating alignment changes to accommodate the growing baby. There is often weight gain, reduced […]

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Physiotherapy for gyneacological surgery

Many women undertake gynaecological repair surgery such as hysterectomy and pelvic organ prolapse repair. Women are often anxious and fearful of impending surgery. Too many women are unaware of the precise surgical procedure they are embarking on and don’t fully understand how they can maximise their recovery and success of the procedure. Preparing for surgery […]

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How is your pelvic floor?

About 1 in 3 Australian women experience pelvic floor dysfunction. There are a few common signs that indicate that there could be a pelvic floor problem these include · Urgency to get to the toilet and sometimes leaking on the way · Frequently needing to go to the toilet · Leaking urine with coughing, sneezing, […]

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