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Articles by Kaitlin Harms

Winter and Chilblains

With winter well and truly upon us, we need to keep an eye out on our feet. Gone are the days of hot weather and cracked heels, but we are starting to see an increase in a lesser-known issue called chilblains.Chilblains (or pernio) are patches of red, swollen and itchy skin. They occur as an […]

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Fungal Infections

As a Podiatrist, our jobs can tend to be very seasonal in terms of what comes through the clinic. In winter we see a lot of ingrown toenails and corns, and through summer we see a lot of cracked heels and fungal infections.Over the next few months as the weather starts to warm up again […]

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The importance of an annual diabetes assessment

We assess your neurovascular status as part of determining your overall diabetic foot risk status. This, in turn, helps us to guide regular treatment intervals if required or to provide advice if it is deemed safe for you to continue to manage your own feet at home.In order to assess someone’s neurovascular status, we look […]

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Lets Talk Bunions

What are Bunions?A common misconception most people have is that a ‘Bunion’ is a growth on the big toe, but in reality, a bunion is just one sign of a complex underlying structural deformity that can result in pain. Medically, bunions are known as ‘Hallux Abducto Valgus’, which simply means that the big toe (hallux) […]

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Severs Disease

Does your child complain of heel pain? Are they withdrawing from activity? Coming into the middle of the sporting season practitioners often see children presenting with “heel pain” and most of the time this heel pain is Sever’s Disease! What is Sever’s disease? Sever’s is a common painful inflammation of the growth plate which the […]

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