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Articles by Kristy Edwards

Persistent Pain

Pain is the most common reason why people seek medical help. Within the healthcare system, pain remains a challenge to treat and still to this day is one of the most misunderstood areas in the literature.  What is it? Pain is an unpleasant emotional and sensory experience associated with potential tissue damage. It is one […]

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Osteoarthritis – A Common Chronic Condition but Manageable

Osteoarthritis affects 2.2 million Australians. The condition costs our health system $2.1 billion per year.   People with osteoarthritis are frequently provided misinformation via friends, family, social media and other health professionals. Exposure to misinformation changes the decisions people make in relation to their health care and it is our responsibility as physiotherapists to address […]

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Pre-Season Training

As that time of year fast approaches where training re-commences for physical winter sports, all those niggling injuries from last season and over indulgence over the holidays can cause problems. A good, solid and progressive pre-season training regime is vital to maximise performance and minimise injuries. Here are three key benefits of completing a structured […]

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