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Articles by Shannon Jennings

What You Don’t Know About Headaches

Evidence shows that headaches reduce an individuals work capacity, social interaction and quality of life. However, many headache sufferers do not seek, nor receive the treatment they need as they are unaware of the help available. What causes headaches? Headaches can present in various ways and behave differently for many reasons. Not all headaches are […]

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Learning to Run

We all want to be able to run faster or further and most people focus on this in their training while ignoring their technique. Few runners ever schedule time to practice and improve their technique. Running is rarely thought of as a learned skill. However, just because you can run, this doesn’t necessarily make your […]

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Return to Running Post Pregnancy

1. Consider what exercise you did before and during pregnancy It will be easier for someone to return to running if they always ran prior to pregnancy and did some running during their pregnancy, compared to someone has never run before. 2. Do your pelvic floor exercises The pelvic floor consists of muscles and ligaments […]

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Common Injury – Sprained Ankles

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries we see as physios. With the start of winter approaching, we see netballers, basketballs, soccer players and footballers all coming in with ankle injuries. The uneven grass tracks and fields and agility involved in these sports provide the perfect conditions for a common ankle sprain. The […]

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Tendon troubles?

What is a tendon? A tendon is a band of fibrous connective tissue that connects a muscle to the bone. These structures are designed to withstand tensile loads, however, if they are exposed to excessive loading or repetitive training with poor biomechanics, a tendinopathy may develop. What is a tendinopathy? A tendinopathy is a disruption to the normal […]

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6 Ways to Stay Injury Free This Spring

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, meaning motivation and activity levels are peaking! Here are 6 ways to stay injury free training this spring getting ready for that summer body. 1. Strength training Strength training helps to increase tissue tolerance and endurance through loading. In recent studies strength exercises have shown a tendency toward reducing injury rates. […]

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