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Articles by Stefan Scheuermair

ACL injuries and prevention

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL is an important ligament that stabilizes the knee. The role of the ACL is to prevent the tibia or shin bone from moving forward relative to the femur/thigh bone and to prevent buckling of the knee. We need our ACLs to control pivoting movements, ruptures occur when too much […]

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You are not your scan

MRI’s CT’s, ultrasound’s and X-rays are medical assessment tools which Physiotherapists, GP’s and other health practitioners use to assist in diagnosing a patient’s pain or complaint. They are useful tools to determine whether more serious treatments such as injections and surgery are warranted. What is very important to understand is that these scans are pictures […]

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What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition we often hear about from family, friends or co-workers. You commonly hear it feeling like shooting leg pain or a jolt down the leg. It’s normally given quite a serious undertone with a degree of fear attached to it. The question is: what is Sciatica and what can be done about […]

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6 Rules of pain

Everyone experiences physical pain at some point in time. Although unwelcomed, pain is an extremely important bodily function vital to our health. There are a several misconceptions regarding pain and what it actually means. Here are 6 rules of pain.   Pain is an output of the brain. Although we experience the feeling of pain […]

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