At OnePointHealth we offer a range of group exercise classes including:

Strength, Balance & Conditioning Classes 

This class aims to assist in preventing falls and fall-related injuries by improving balance, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Falls prevention classes are run at OnePointHealth-Penrith by our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10 am. Our classes are flexible and can accommodate the individual’s needs, circumstances, and interests. If you have a history of falls, feel like your balance is not as good as it used to be, or you would like to prevent yourself from having a fall, please contact us to book you into the class.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates classes focus on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. Clinical Pilates is great for improving your overall health and fitness. Clinical Pilates classes are run at OnePointHealth-Penrith every Thursday night at 6 pm. Our classes are small, tailored, and taught by qualified Physiotherapists. The instructor will take into account your specific injuries or physical needs, which allows you to exercise in a safe and effective manner.

Hydrotherapy Classes

Hydrotherapy allows for exercises to be completed in a reduced weight-bearing environment, which reduces stress and decreases the load placed on soft tissue structures and joints. Hydrotherapy is suitable for everyone, but it is particularly utilised by individuals with reduced strength/balance or poor exercise tolerance and as part of post-surgery rehabilitation. The aim of hydrotherapy is to improve strength and range of motion, which assists with the transition to land-based strength and conditioning exercises. Our Exercise Physiologists at OnePointHealth run hydrotherapy classes at World of Swimming (232 Coreen Ave, Penrith) every Tuesday at 1 pm. 

Beat-It For Diabetes

Exercise has been proven to be extremely beneficial in managing diabetes. In collaboration with Diabetes NSW/ACT, our Exercise Physiologists at OnePointHealth run the Beat-It Program. This program is performed twice a week for 8 weeks and involves moderate-intensity aerobic, strength, and balance based exercises, as well as education sessions on healthy living. This life-changing exercise program can help you get back into a healthy routine to better manage your diabetes. So, if you have diabetes, or require assistance in managing your diabetes, please contact us to book you into the class.

The I’MPossible Program

The I’MPossible Program is a structured group exercise program run by OnePointHealth and Super 6 High Performance at the Penrith clinic. This program is targeted at school-aged children and includes exercise sessions involving fitness, strength, speed, and agility, along with education in mindfulness and nutrition. The sessions run twice a week across the school term. This program caters for children with physical or intellectual disabilities. Active kids vouchers and NDIS funding can be utilised for the program.