Massage and its effects on the Muscular System

What is the Muscular System? Muscles help you move, contribute to joint stability and help maintain posture. How can Massage Therapy help? A deep tissue massage is used to break down adhesions (commonly known as knots) it also helps increase muscle flexibility as well as either increase or maintain the full range of movement in joints. Do you sometimes feel “knots”? It may feel like a small, bump-like areas of muscle that can sometimes be painful to the touch. They can reduce muscle function and reduce the full range of movement in a joint. If you leave these knots untreated long enough it can often lead to that muscle being used less and when you don’t use a muscle as much it then becomes weak. If muscle imbalance occurs, problems such as poor posture can result. This can be due to one group of muscles being weaker than another. If your muscle condition is poor due to muscle weakness, injuries can occur such as pulls and tears. Massage therapy uses various techniques to remove these knots such as palms, fingertips and thumbs to increase the muscle temperature. By increasing the temperature of the muscle, it will enable the fibres to be softened and any bumps smoothed out and back into normal muscle alignment. The benefits of maintaining healthy muscles through massage are that muscles relax as well as reduced muscle tension and tightness. Having healthy muscles can also help you maintain daily actives easier as muscles are less likely to fatigue because they are working properly.