acl rehab

At OnePointHealth we offer a comprehensive ACL rehabilitation program within evidence-based guidelines to best suit the client goals and needs. OnePointHealth has a fully equipped gym facility purposely built for rehabilitation purposes. We have extensive knowledge and experience with all postoperative care. We especially pride ourselves on our ACL rehabilitation protocols and have great return to sport outcomes.

Whether it is a non-operative approach or reconstructive surgery we run through a comprehensive 9-12 month protocol that includes:

  • A 5-week prehab program (2 sessions per week) to be completed before surgery to optimise and accelerate recovery.
  • Gathering pre-operative data on the unaffected leg to gather a pre-injury capacity. This enables us to have a baseline as to where we need the injured leg to be when returning to sport or pre-injury levels. 
  • Comprehensive testing sessions at the 3,6,9,12 month mark to gather data, track progress and prescribe appropriate exercise plans.
  • Updated individualised exercise programs after each testing session to work on current limitations.
  • Multidisciplinary care with our team of physiotherapists/ exercise physiologists and nutritionists.
  • Information packs regarding nutrition for optimising recovery. 

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