Remedial Massage Penrith

Remedial massage uses a range of techniques to work on the soft tissues of the body, easing and stabilising tight, tense muscles. It has the ability to increase blood flow, reduce pain and stress, improve recovery from injury, and promote relaxation.

Massage has also been shown to aid in healing, and reduce depression and anxiety. Through the use of techniques such as trigger points, myofascial release, stretching techniques, heat and cold, dry needling, hot stone massage, and manual lymphatic drainage, our massage therapists aim to work with the patient’s body to assist and provide relief from acute and chronic injuries, as well as general aches and pains, and imbalances throughout the body.

Our team of massage therapists have a strong commitment to learning and improving, consistently bringing new techniques into use, and finding the best ways to help our patients.
From sporting injuries to general discomfort and pain from everyday life to long term mobility problems or lymphoedema, our massage therapist here to help.

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