Podiatrist performing nail surgery

Podiatry at OnePointHealth

Our team of award-winning podiatrists have been providing high-quality foot and ankle care to our local community for over 30-years. This longstanding success is the result of developing a reputation of trust in implementing the latest evidence-based podiatric care. This approach ensures that our patients always receive the most up-to-date methods of prevention, screening, assessing, and of course treatment of the foot and ankle.

Our strong commitment to regular clinical development, allows our team to provide podiatric care for a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, including sports injuries, chronic heel pain, growing pains, diabetes foot care, along with skin and nail conditions such as corns and ingrown toenails.

This commitment to clinical development results in our team’s involvement in servicing national sporting teams to holding university lecturing and research positions and representing podiatry and medical councils and boards.

From general skin and nail care to reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, our podiatry team are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide the most comprehensive foot and ankle care for you and your family.

How are we different?

Our Podiatry team works closely with a larger team of health care services available at OnePointHealth. This approach is known as integrated healthcare and research shows that patients have improved health outcomes when compared to non- integrated healthcare treatment. This is due to the availability of multiple services under one roof, thus improving:

  • Patient and practitioner communication processes
  • Accessibility to services
  • Accuracy of diagnosis and treatment
  • Patient convenience

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