Paediatric Feet

Parents are continually looking after and noticing things about their children. Whether it is the way they eat, how they communicate and their likes and dislikes. Parents often notice something is wrong with their child’s development but are unable to pinpoint it.

Our podiatrists at OnePointHealth see a range of paediatric foot conditions which have been identified by either a parent or close relative. We assess all different ages from babies, infants to teenagers and young adults. We like to focus on preventative podiatry and can assess a range of conditions if currently active and painful or those which can cause problems later down the track.

Common paediatric foot conditions that are seen and treated include:

Children’s feet are significantly different to adults’ feet in that they are still growing and the bones have not fully formed. A child’s foot is mainly made up of cartilage which will slowly harden over time and fully form by the time your child is approximately 18 years old. We are able to provide services to educate and assist in the healthy growth of your children’s feet.

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