custom orthotics

Orthotics are special inserts which can be custom made and are designed to go into your shoes. Depending on what is needed, they can help redistribute pressure, cushion and control the foot to alleviate pain, prevent complications and improve day to day comfort.

Prior to having them, our podiatrists will do a thorough biomechanical assessment to determine if and what would be required of the orthotic device. A 3D scan will then be taken of your feet which will then be sent to our lab, with modification instructions, to be produced.

We at OnePointHealth pride ourselves on the ability to make orthotics to suit the individual’s needs. Our 100% custom orthotics are made by our own inhouse laboratory, Alliance Orthotics which cater to podiatry practitioners in the Greater Sydney area and even interstate.

Orthotics are known to help with many different injuries including and not limited to:

As holistic practitioners, we look at using orthotics in conjunction with other modalities to assist with pain and injuries.

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