Footwear specialists fitting shoes

Footwear plays a big part in foot pain and management of that foot pain. Whether we wear sneakers or heels, shoes are an integral part of our daily activities.

Footwear assessments are essential to see whether a shoe is right for you or not. Depending on the problem and condition, our podiatrists may need you to be in other footwear while treatment occurs. Different shoes can reduce your risk of injury, add or reduce foot deformities, and most importantly, increase your comfort while wearing them.

Appropriate length, width, depth, and stability in footwear can help aid in pain relief and improve treatment outcomes. Podiatrists will sometimes need extra room in your shoes for modifications to alleviate pain and redistribute pressure on your feet.

We understand that for some jobs and different lines of work, certain footwear is required. We also understand the importance of fitting shoes correctly and having the right amount of support and comfort to suit your needs. We have a dedicated footwear store that selects and picks footwear appropriate for certain occasions but still fulfil the needs outlined by the podiatrists. Our staff are trained to fit and recommend features of footwear to look for when buying your next pair of shoes.