Podiatry - Foot health

Skin and nails maintenance is an integral part of podiatry services. It centres around the overall health of the skin on your feet and your nails. Thorough assessment of your skin and nails is important to do regularly. Cracked heels are one of the most common complaints in summer whereas in winter fungal nail infections and ingrown toenails are more common. For those who are unable to reach their feet or safely cut their own toenails, podiatry treatment is an important part of their feet management.

Conditions such as callus, corns, warts, fungal infections, and splinters are some of the issues we commonly see.

Appointments can be broken down into 3 different sections outlined below.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Podiatrists at OnePointHealth will perform physical and visual assessments of the feet. There may be the presence of corns, callus, fungal infections on the skin or nails, warts, cuts, melanoma, cracked heels, dry skin or damage to the skin or nails.
Podiatrists can also assess blood flow and test the protective sensation in your feet when needed to assess the health of your feet.


General treatments can include cutting, filing, thinning and shaping toenails, debridement of callus and corn, applications of topical agents and creams depending on the conditions present.
Advice and management plans are also discussed to improve and maintain overall foot health.

Post-treatment care/advice

Following treatment in the clinic, some post-treatment care may be needed. A discussion of the best treatment plan moving forward will be done towards the end of the appointment. This discussion can include self-care, nail cutting techniques, footwear advice, and emollient advice.

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