Let’s Talk Football Boots

With pre-season training already in full swing and football teams working hard to prepare for another exciting season, one important question remains… Have you decided what football boots you’ll be wearing to maximise your performance?

Not only is it important for your performance, but it’s one of the best ways to prevent football injuries. Common injuries include knee pain, shin splints, Plantar Fasciitis, or big toe joint pain – all which can be reduced if you’re in the right footy boots.

When looking for football boots it’s critical to take into consideration the weight, flexibility, grip or stud profile, cushioning, width and heel height.

The following boots are great options if lightweight, low-profile boots are what you’re after. These are often the most popular boots – they’re flexible, light and keep you feeling close to the ground.

  • Nike Mercurial

  • Nike Hypervenom

  • Asics Lethal Speed

  • Asics Lethal Flash

  • Puma Evo speed

  • Adidas X17.1

  • Xblades Jet

If it’s cushioning you prefer, there are some great boots with ample midsole, similar to that soft feel you experience when wearing sneaker. Extra cushioning means extra materials which can feel great for some and a little too bulky for others. The following boots are great options for the footy player who needs that extra comfort under the feet.

  • Nike Ace

  • Nike Tiempo

  • Nike Magista

  • Asics Tigreor

  • Asics Lethal Testimonial

  • Asics Gel Ultimate

  • Asics Gel Menace

  • Xblades Legend Max

With more and more female athletes lacing up the boots each year, the demand for great quality women’s boots has never been higher. The list below is a range of high quality football boots recommended for comfort, performance and speed for women of all ages.

  • Asics Lethal RS Women

  • Xblades Micro Jet

The best boots for you will ultimately depends on the fit, the feel, and matching the tread of the boots to the surface that you’re playing on. The colour and brand of the boot shouldn’t influence your decision, however, different brands are more suited to different foot types. An example of this is:

Xblades – great for players with a large or wide foot type. The Xblades Legend Max comes in a 4EE fitting, which is unheard of in many brands. Xblades are also a deep boot, which makes them a great option if orthotics are required. Xblades also have a 10mm heel gradient. With this slight heel elevation, it is a great option for young athletes who could possibly develop Sever’s, or any athlete with heel or Achilles issues.

Nike – Most Nike boots are made on a track sprinting last, which means they are ideal for a snug, comfy feel, and really only ideal for athletes with a narrow foot type. The shallow, low profile fit really envelopes the foot and creates a dynamic fit so they’re perfect if you don’t like material between you and the ground. A lot of Nike boots now come with the option of the tongue encased in the upper mesh which really holds them nice and tight. Once again, ideal for a slim foot, not so comfy for the larger, wider feet.

Asics – All Asics football boots are made out of kangaroo leather, making them the ideal boot for durability. If you’re someone that doesn’t like changing your boots season to season then these are ideal for you. Not only does the kangaroo leather keep them durable, it allows the boots to stretch and become moulded around your foot. A great option if you have any irregular bony prominences, Eg, bunions. Like the Xblades, Asics also have a deep rearfoot and a 10mm heel gradient, perfect for a removable inner sole or if you’re suffering from heel pains.

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