physio post surgical

At OnePointHealth our Physiotherapy department works closely with specialists & surgeons to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. We also have exceptional facilities and gym equipment that makes pre & post-operative care superior.

Physiotherapy intervention prior to some surgeries has been proven to enhance patient results post-surgery. This type of rehabilitation is known as prehab. Prehab allows time for swelling reduction, increased range of motion, gait training (walking) & correct muscle activation patterns before going into surgery. This then makes rehabilitation more efficient afterwards. Pre-operative Physiotherapy is mostly exercise based but does involve manual therapy as required to restore function. At OnePointHealth we strongly encourage pre-operative Physiotherapy as it is shown to help patients recover quickly & have a positive effect on pain.

Physiotherapy intervention post-surgery is known as rehabilitation. Rehabilitation has been shown to provide benefits in decreasing pain, strengthening muscles and returning to pre-operative function. Depending on the surgery, a post-operative protocol is usually given by the surgeon as a guide to follow and your OnePointHealth Physiotherapist will implement this with you. Our physiotherapy team uses this but also makes sure your rehabilitation is specific to each patient & their goals. The main goal regardless of the patient type is to restore postoperative function. Whether that be back to looking after the children or getting back onto the footy field.

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