6 Reasons to Cook Healthy Meals at Home

In today’s busy world more and more often we are eating out or having ready-made meals instead of cooking healthy meals from scratch. While this is ok occasionally, eating out too often can lead to weight gain over time. Additionally eating out all the time or buying pre-made meals is expensive!

When eating out, more often than not we choose less healthy options. Even options that appear healthier can still be loaded with kilojoules/calories, fat, refined sugars and undesirable ingredients, which can make a difference to our waistline and health over time.

Advantages of Cooking at Home
There are many advantages to cooking your meals from home and you don’t have to be a ‘Masterchef’ to do this! Here’s 6.

1. You know the ingredients that are going into your food and thus can control what you eat and choose healthier ingredients

2. Meals can be made healthier and more nutritious yet still tasty

3. Healthier fats, carbohydrates and other nutritional properties can be used in meals even if some meals are higher in kilojoules/calories than others.

4. You avoid the risk of eating ingredients that you may be intolerant or allergic to e.g. gluten or lactose

5. It’s expensive to always eat out so making meals at home will save you money!

6. If you’ve got kids, cooking at home is a great opportunity to get the kids to help you cook. You’ll teach them how to cook, which is an important life skill that is part of a healthy lifestyle

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