5 Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Christmas and New Year Period

Christmas is traditionally known for overeating, drinking in excess and not being very active.

On average Australian gain between 2-3 kilograms over the Christmas and New Year period. Now a couple of kilograms doesn’t sound like a big deal, but increasing weight quickly through poor food choices can often take up to three months to get off. Our average calorie intake on Christmas day is 7000 calories which is over three times our recommended daily intake.

Let this Christmas season be the year you take control of your health. Here are 5 tips for staying healthy over the Christmas and New Year period.

  1. Exercise in the morning. Getting your exercise done early in the morning means that you beat the heat as well as ensure you fit your training in. If your training is done early, you can spend the rest of the day being festive.
  2. For every alcoholic beverage have a glass of water. Make sure that we limit our days that we have alcohol to ensure we aren’t including this in our everyday regime. Also stay hydrated with a glass of water between drinks.
  3. Snack wisely before leaving the house. Have a healthy snack before heading to your Christmas festivities, that way you won’t overindulge when you get there.  
  4. It’s unrealistic to set weight loss goals over the Christmas period, however, set your goal to maintain your current weight. This way you can enjoy the festive season without the extra baggage at the end.
  5. Take advantage of the exercise facilities whilst travelling.  Whether it be the beautiful coastline or the motel gym, take advantage of a different view and continue your training regime whilst away on holidays.

Active presents are a great way to encourage family members to start their health journey whether it be a fitness tracker, fitness watch or active gym clothes. Fitness gadgets are the latest craze so if you need a last minute gift idea – jump on board!