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Articles by Alicia Whiticker

Toss the Fad Diets

Losing weight can be difficult, leading many to turn to the latest fad diet to get quick results. Who is guilty of this? These diets are hard to ignore with huge promises that can achieved in a short time span (sounds easy right?). How many of you have undertaken one of these diets?  How many […]

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5 Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Christmas and New Year Period

Christmas is traditionally known for overeating, drinking in excess and not being very active. On average Australian gain between 2-3 kilograms over the Christmas and New Year period. Now a couple of kilograms doesn’t sound like a big deal, but increasing weight quickly through poor food choices can often take up to three months to […]

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4 Tips for Type 2 Diabetes

Insulin is a hormone that is released into the bloodstream by the pancreas to collect sugars and take them to the cells for fuel. When we consume certain foods particularly carbohydrates and sugars, they are broken down into glucose and released into the bloodstream – this is referred to as blood glucose. Type 2 Diabetes […]

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Exercising Hope for Cancer Patients

The day someone is diagnosed with cancer is a day they never forget. The diagnosis and treatment of cancer impacts both physically and psychologically on those with cancer as well as affecting their family and friends. Cancer treatments can have many side effects which are as debilitating as the cancer itself. Some patients may require […]

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